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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Don't Compare Me To My Father - Jakob Dylan
During a Much Music interview with VJ Bill Welychka, Jakob Dylan was asked about his father. He said simply "Don't judge me based on what my father did."
Being An Advocate For Hearing Loss - Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde)
In the years after Chris Steffler left the band due to having severe tinnitus, Mark became an advocate for those who like Chris suffer through hearing loss and don't take care of it.
Chris had suffered a lot because he hadn't taken care to make sure that his hearing didn't suffer further due to the loud sounds that he encountered due to his drums and his fans screaming.
Being Kylie's sister - Dannii Minogue
That's what she's best known for.
Being The Only Left Handed Drummer - Dan Todd (Platinum Blonde)
Dan is a unique kind of drummer. Not only does he sing with Mark and Sergio but he's also left-handed. So anytime a stage crew sets up his drums he has to supervise them so they don't set his drums up for a right-handed drummer.
Celebrating a Solar Eclipse - Ozzy Osbourne
In Cartersville, Illinois there was the Moonstock heavy metal festival. This region was in the path of totality for the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. Moments before the moon started to eclipse the sun Ozzy got on stage and he and his band kicked off his hit 'Bark At the Moon'. During that song the sun got totally eclipsed by the moon and the daytime turned into 'night'. By the time the song ended the sun 'reappeared' and daylight returned. This was all preplanned ahead of eclipse totality time. A landmark of heavy metal history, rock'n'roll history, astronomy history, Ozzy's checkered life and more. I wish I was there but where I was the sun was 90% eclipsed and I ain't complaining on that.
Astronomy Dominer
protest against Myanmar - Bob Geldof
right now Myanmar is waging a genocidal war against the Rohingya people in the western territories. Many civilians are being raped, murdered, forced from their homes to flee from a major ethnic cleansing operation. Aung San Suu Kyi, once a prisoner of Myanmar's totalitarian government and later de facto head, has denied that anything is wrong and there that there is no genocide occurring. She and Bob Geldof were awarded the Freedom Award of the City of Dublin. Suu Kyi has done nothing to stop the ethnic cleansing or even acknowledge it. In protest Bob Geldof went to a municipal court in Dublin and gave back his award document as a protest because "she's a murderer" and he wanted no association with "somebody like that".
Do We Know It's Christmas?
Mental Illness Running In His Family - David Cassidy
Earlier this year singer and Partridge Family alumni David Cassidy revealed to the world that he had inherited dementia from his mother, actress Evelyn Ward. She wasn't the only one who suffered from mental illness.

David's father Jack Cassidy had bipolar disorder and died in an apartment fire in 1976 when he lit a cigarette, fell asleep, and lit up his couch.

Jack's body was found near the front door of his apartment and had to be identified through dental records.
Bridging The Racial Gap. - Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip)
On the last stop of the Man Machine Poem tour in 2016 which was in The Hip's home town of Kingston, Ontario Gord Downie brought forth the plight of indigenous people of Northern Ontario and of Chanie Wenjack a 12 year old Ojibwa first nations boy who escaped from a residential school in Kenora, Ontario. Chanie died of starvation and exposure just 40 KM from his home.[br] Chanie's sister Pearl became good friends with Gord and he called out Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to find out "what the hell went on up there?"?
Being lesbians... except not really - t.A.T.u.
The world was led to believe that Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina were in a romantic relationship with one another, only for both girls to come forward in 2004 stating that this was all an act. Both are/have been since married to men, though Yulia has stated she is actually bisexual.
Gord Downie's book Secret Path about Chanie Wenjack a 12 year old indigenous boy who was forced into a residential school in Kenora and then ran away. Chanie died from starvation in 1966 just 40 KM from his home. Pearl Wenjack, Chanie's sister and herself a residential school survivor, decided to tell of the misguided deeds that were done to First Nations children by the Church and the government. [br] [br] In a Heritage moment Pearl told the story of the cultural genocide that was happening "Kill the Indian in the child."
Sheer Ego - Kid Rock
Kid Rock was the opener at this Rolling Stones show I attended in 2015. The souvenir booths had items from both Kid Rock and of course, the Stones. Kid Rock's souvenirs were just clothing items. There were hats simply saying "American Badass". OK, you say - no big deal. There were T-shirts with Rock's face on the front. Both the T-shirt and a jacket had this phrase from one of this song titles on the back: YOU'VE NEVER MET ANOTHER MOTHER FUCKER LIKE ME. Can you imagine the jokes that could draw from other people? LOL. OK, Kid. You said it, not me. If you say you're a motherfucker, then a motherfucker is what you are! YOU said that, not me!
I Got Stoned 2X At Ohio State University!
Not Backing Down - Tom Petty
In 1989 Tom Petty explained in a radio interview why, like many other artists like Bruce Springsteen and bands like REM refused to let their hits be used for commercials to promote products. Tom said,"Well, I'd feel like some kind of honkey if I did it. It just wouldn't feel right. To me that's selling out." Well, he NEVER BACKED DOWN from his stance on this issue. RIP TOM PETTY
James Wilbury
Great Scot! - Sir Rodney Frederick Stewart
When Rod Stewart got knighted late last year, he wore tartan plaid pants at his ceremony. He's been known to wear T-shirts saying "God Made the Scots #1" and having Scottish bagpipers start off his shows before he gets on the stage.
Sexy Scott
MTV Censorship - Tom Petty
In the video for You Don't Know How It Feels Tom sings "let's get to the point. Let's roll another joint" but the word is reversed in the video to say "let's get to the point. Let's roll another tnoij" to avoid MTV's young crowd being exposed to words like.
At the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards when Tom won Best Male Video he joked that he didn't know what the last word in the verse of his song was?
Christmas In Our Hearts - Jose Mari Chan
Chan is perhaps best known for his Christmas album "Christmas in Our Hearts" which was first released in 1990. The title track, and by extension, the album in general, earned significant popularity and became an iconic part of the Christmas season in the Philippines, to the point that a recurring joke suggests Chan being in control of all of the sound systems in shopping malls, in reference to said establishments playing songs from the aforementioned album as early as September to mark the -ber months.
Little Rascals Reenactment - REO Speedwagon
At the beginning of the song 'Tough Guys' there's a sampled snippet of a Little Rascals episode where Alfalfa is having a picnic with a girl. Sparky asks Alfalfa about him being in their 'He-Man Woman Hater's Club' and the latter says 'I'm sorry but I have to live my own life'. On stage live singer Kevin Cronin and the guitarist re-enact and lip-synch the dialog before the music starts up, just like on the 'High Infidelity' album.
I've Seen the Truck + I've Seen the Band!
Rare Show of Anger - Genesis
During a late 1981 gig in Rotterdam, Netherlands Genesis played some older prog material and some new stuff from the ABACAB and DUKE albums and some fans were booing at the new 80s radio-friendlier songs and throwing stuff on the stage. During an intermission the 3 band members came to a mic and mentioned about the boo-ers and they said that those naysayers can meet them after the show and 'we'll kick the fucking shit outta ye!'. Genesis is not known to be a bunch of rude boys but they sure got peeved that night. Watch out!
I Saw Genesis at Oho State University
Native American heritage - Redbone
Redbone is an all-Native American band. Before their shows they had a Native American dance with the singer in Native American regalia.
Rock'n'Roll Red Man
Hair Dryer Broken by Platinum Blonde - Sandy Horne (Spoons)
Sandy told the story of how Platinum Blonde was opening for the Spoons. She made the mistake of lending Mark Holmes her hair dryer so that he could do his hair. [br] [br] Sandy got her hair dryer back from Mark and found that it was broken and she couldn't do her hair.
Wearing Tulle Skirts - Sandy Horne (Spoons)
Sandy was known for wearing tulle skirts when the band toured together in the 1980s.

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