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Covers that feature a large hand

There are 96 covers for this theme.

Hands Themed Album Covers

  • 3OH!3 Want
    - Submitted by: Alex
  • Afghan Whigs Up in It
    Afghan Whigs
    "Up in It"
    - Submitted by: JGraham
  • Antlers Hospice
    A hands cover by an indie band. - Submitted by: DaraTzatzara
  • Arcade Fire Funeral
    Arcade Fire
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Bobby Womack The Bravest Man in the Universe
    Bobby Womack
    "The Bravest Man in the Universe"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Bob James Hands Down
    Bob James
    "Hands Down"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Bodies of Water Twist Again
    Bodies of Water
    "Twist Again"
    Be more original, bands! Stop using hands. How about featuring feet for a change? - Submitted by: Chris
  • Bon Jovi Keep The Faith
    Bon Jovi
    "Keep The Faith"
    The message behind this album cover? Manicures ARE important! - Submitted by: Kristof Robertson
  • Burning Hearts Aboa Sleeping
    Burning Hearts
    "Aboa Sleeping"
    Indie pop album, one of the early top in allmusicblog. - Submitted by: DaraTzatzara
  • The Cars Cars - Complete Greatest Hits
    The Cars
    "Cars - Complete Greatest Hits"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • The Chemical Brothers We Are the Night
    The Chemical Brothers
    "We Are the Night"
    Okayyyyyyy.....??? - Submitted by: Kristof Robertson
  • The Chemical Brothers Push the Button
    The Chemical Brothers
    "Push the Button"
    That is obviously a very large button if you have to push it with a fist. - Submitted by: Katrina
  • The Cobham George Duke Band Live On Tour In Europe
    The Cobham George Duke Band
    "Live On Tour In Europe"
    Kind of disturbing isn't it?
  • Converge You Fail Me
    "You Fail Me"
    - Submitted by: Max
  • Dead Can Dance Into the Labyrinth
    Dead Can Dance
    "Into the Labyrinth"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters
    Dead Kennedys
    "Plastic Surgery Disasters"
    - Submitted by:
  • DeVotchKa A Mad and Faithful Telling
    "A Mad and Faithful Telling"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Elton John 21 at 33
    Elton John
    "21 at 33"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Eric Clapton Slowhand
    Eric Clapton
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Faust Faust/Faust So Far
    "Faust/Faust So Far"
    - Submitted by: Marc Knip
  • Femme Fatale From the Abundance of the Heart: The Mouth Speaks
    Femme Fatale
    "From the Abundance of the Heart: The Mouth Speaks"
    This makes me cool right? An awesome band with some pretty gritty hardcore material. - Submitted by: Juan Etoiles
  • Fiest Look at What the Light Did Now [DVD/CD]
    "Look at What the Light Did Now [DVD/CD]"
    It's half a hand anyways. - Submitted by: Celeste
  • The Flaming Lips Embryonic
    The Flaming Lips
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Free The Robots Ctrl Alt Delete
    Free The Robots
    "Ctrl Alt Delete"
    - Submitted by: DaraTzatzara
  • Fugazi The Argument
    "The Argument"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Geezer Black Science
    "Black Science"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Genesis Invisible Touch
    "Invisible Touch"
    - Submitted by: Charlie
  • Gentle Giant Free Hand
    Gentle Giant
    "Free Hand"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • George Harrison Living in the Material World
    George Harrison
    "Living in the Material World"
    - Submitted by: Beatlesholic
  • George Harrison Living in the Material World
    George Harrison
    "Living in the Material World"
    This is a hand with a house in the middle of it. :) - Submitted by: Celeste
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
    Godspeed You Black Emperor
    "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven"
    When I saw this theme I thought immediately of this. - Submitted by: Deathawk
  • Green Day American Idiot
    Green Day
    "American Idiot"
    I'm surprised it hasn't been up yet. - Submitted by: Red Ruffcorn
  • The Helio Sequence Keep Your Eyes Ahead
    The Helio Sequence
    "Keep Your Eyes Ahead"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Helios Eingya
    Holding hands. - Submitted by: drunxpla
  • Herbie Hancock Mr. Hands
    Herbie Hancock
    "Mr. Hands"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Hold Steady Heaven Is Whenever
    Hold Steady
    "Heaven Is Whenever"
    - Submitted by: JGraham
  • The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America
    The Hold Steady
    "Boys and Girls in America"
    - Submitted by: JGraham
  • Hole Ask for It
    "Ask for It"
    What the hell is the message that Courtney's trying to convey here? - Submitted by: Celeste
  • Jack Bruce & Robin Trower Truce
    Jack Bruce & Robin Trower
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • James Holden At the Controls
    James Holden
    "At the Controls"
    an idm/techno mix album. - Submitted by: Fatih Özak
  • Jeff Beck You Had It Coming
    Jeff Beck
    "You Had It Coming"
    - Submitted by: Alex
  • Jeff James Two Hands
    Jeff James
    "Two Hands"
    - Submitted by: J.Golde
  • Jerry Garcia All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions
    Jerry Garcia
    "All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions"
    The four-fingered freak strikes again... - Submitted by: X
  • The J. Geils Band Sanctuary
    The J. Geils Band
    The hand print was their logo in the late 70's-early 80's - Submitted by: Jumpin Junior
  • King Crimson USA
    King Crimson
    - Submitted by: Sutch
    Hand (Paul Stanley's) on a golden rose door knocker attached to an antique oaken door. The door is from86th St. and Park Avenue, NYC - Park Ave
    Methodist Church.
  • Kiss Music from
    "Music from"
    Paul Stanley's hand at the Park Avenue Methodist Church, NYC.
    86th and Park Avenue. - Submitted by: hoodwink19
  • Kokomo Kokomo
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Leon Fleisher Two Hands
    Leon Fleisher
    "Two Hands"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Low Trust
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Metallica St. Anger
    "St. Anger"
    It sort of looks like it comes from an episode of the 1960s Batman series. - Submitted by: Celeste
  • Mighty Diamonds Ice on Fire
    Mighty Diamonds
    "Ice on Fire"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Modest Mouse Dashboard
    Modest Mouse
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Modest Mouse The Moon & Antarctica
    Modest Mouse
    "The Moon & Antarctica"
    Shaking hands. - Submitted by: drunxpla
  • MxPx Lets Rock
    "Let's Rock"
    - Submitted by: Pizza Guy
  • The New Pornographers Electric Version
    The New Pornographers
    "Electric Version"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Okkervil River The Stage Names
    Okkervil River
    "The Stage Names"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Panjabi MC Panjabi Mc: The Album
    Panjabi MC
    "Panjabi Mc: The Album"
    - Submitted by: Kate
  • Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
    "Vulgar Display of Power"
    One hardcore fan! - Submitted by: Lex
  • Passport Hand Made
    "Hand Made"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Pat Humphries Hands
    Pat Humphries
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Paul Kelly Dirt
    Paul Kelly
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Pearl Jam Ten
    Pearl Jam
    From far away this actually looks like a microphone (which may or may not of been intentional) but up close it's rather obvious it's a group of hands. - Submitted by: Deathawk
  • Peter Frampton The Art of Control
    Peter Frampton
    "The Art of Control"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Phoenix United
    - Submitted by: Maria Luisa
  • Porcupine Tree The Incident
    Porcupine Tree
    "The Incident"
    - Submitted by: Rijk Zandstra
  • Porcupine Tree Warszawa
    Porcupine Tree
    - Submitted by: Rijk Zandstra
  • The Raconteurs Hands
    The Raconteurs
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Ramsey Lewis Love Notes
    Ramsey Lewis
    "Love Notes"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • The Replacements Pleased to Meet Me
    The Replacements
    "Pleased to Meet Me"
    - Submitted by: Bokarb Tra
  • Scorpions Lonesome Crow
    "Lonesome Crow"
    - Submitted by: Alex
  • The Script Science & Faith
    The Script
    "Science & Faith"
    A very cool cover and relates well to the album title - Submitted by: Elsa
  • Shankar Touch Me There
    "Touch Me There"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Simple Minds Black and White 050505
    Simple Minds
    "Black and White 050505"
    Hands with fingers in the shape of a heart. - Submitted by: Celeste
  • Simple Minds The Best of Simple Minds
    Simple Minds
    "The Best of Simple Minds"
    Simple hands are back at the Hands and heart cover scheme. - Submitted by: Lee
  • Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves
    Sonic Youth
    "A Thousand Leaves"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • The Soundtrack of Our Lives Gimme Five! EP
    The Soundtrack of Our Lives
    "Gimme Five! EP"
    Pretty cool foto with six fingers. - Submitted by: Johan Rosén
  • The Soup Dragons Hotwired
    The Soup Dragons
    Hand-themed album cover from an early 90s one-hit-wonder. - Submitted by: JohnTheBastard
  • Spiritualized Amazing Grace
    "Amazing Grace"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Spoon Kill the Moonlight
    "Kill the Moonlight"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • Stars Set Yourself on Fire
    "Set Yourself on Fire"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • The Strawbs Hero and Heroine
    The Strawbs
    "Hero and Heroine"
    Even though the hand is a minor part of the album, it's still there. - Submitted by: Paul Warren
  • Styx Crystal Ball
    "Crystal Ball"
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Subliminal and The Shadow Move With The Bass (Bounce) / Zazim Im Habass
    Subliminal and The Shadow
    "Move With The Bass (Bounce) / Zazim Im Ha'bass"
    An Israeli Rap Artists. - Submitted by: DaraTzatzara
  • Supertramp The Very Best of Supertramp
    "The Very Best of Supertramp"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
  • System of a Down System of a Down
    System of a Down
    "System of a Down"
    - Submitted by: dr jimmy
  • Tom Robinson Band Power in the Darkness-2 lps
    Tom Robinson Band
    "Power in the Darkness-2 lp's"
    - Submitted by: Deathawk
  • Touch Touch
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • U.K. Danger Money
    "Danger Money"
    - Submitted by: Marc Knip
  • The Used Artwork
    The Used
    Art work - Submitted by: Juan Antonio
  • Various Artists Hearts Hands & Hides
    Various Artists
    "Hearts Hands & Hides"
    - Submitted by: Katy
  • Various Artists Northern Soul 20 Original Classics
    Various Artists
    "Northern Soul 20 Original Classics"
    The "keep the faith" hand badge smybol is also symbolic to Northern Soul, the scene. - Submitted by: Lee
  • Velocity Girl Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts
    Velocity Girl
    "Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts"
    Theme: Hands. - Submitted by: The Skuz
  • Victor Jara Pongo En Tus Manos Abiertas...
    Victor Jara
    "Pongo En Tus Manos Abiertas..."
    - Submitted by: Sutch
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Its Blitz!
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "It's Blitz!"
    - Submitted by: Isolde
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